GRAND PRIX RONNY BRANTS - Billiards on Fire - Brants on Fire !

Ronny Brants at the Table ...
Ronny Brants is one of the top players in 3-Cushion from Belgium.
His nickname in Belgium is the GIANT KILLER.
He came in fourth in the 2018 Belgian Championship.
At the 2014 World Cup 3-Cushion in Hurghada he beats 3 World Champions in one world cupevent (link)
The board of Southwest-Flanders wants to thank Ronny for authorising us to use his name for this tournament. It is an honor that we may use the name of one of the best players in our district SW-FL.
A few newspaper articles about Ronny:

Press release on kozoom

Paper "Het Nieuwsblad" - 2014-12-18

Paper "Het Nieuwsblad" - 2014-12-10

Paper "Het Nieuwsblad - Edition Kortrijk" - 2017-03-24

More press releases about  Ronny Brants
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